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Our next planned litter will be Frenchies this summer.  We will not have any more Boston puppies until later Fall/Winter 2023!

Waitlists - we place puppies off of a prepaid pick list.  A paid deposit (with contract) will secure your pick spot from an upcoming litter.  You will know which litter and an approximate time frame on when its expected, what the color possibilities will be within that litter, and what pick spot you will be in, should you choose to deposit and secure a spot.  

This will allow me to focus my attention and interactions on my committed buyers, to be more available, and more punctual with them.  

Home Visits - we do not allow home visits.  This is a question we get asked quite frequently, and while it may seem cold or uncaring to turn people away, the risks with young puppies as well as our other dogs is too great.  We do this in our home, we do not have a kennel.  We have children, breeding dogs, as well as our own personal pets and have decided that for the safety of all, we will not invite people we do not know into our home.  There are other ways we can accommodate potential buyers without risking opening our home.  We are also happy to provide references from past buyers to help ease any anxiety with buying off pictures and/or vidoes.  

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